BEST OF WEEK DAY 6: EPISODE 51 (151): Dumbass Things I've Done Lately Week


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Tales from the "LiberryCAST"


(Welcome to Best Of Week. As Tales from the "LiberryCAST" rockets toward its final episode, this is my chance to have a look back at some of my favorite episodes from this podcast adaptation of favorite blog entries from Tales from the "Liberry.") I've often maintained that if a person is going to go around pointing fingers at the foibles of others (or recording podcasts adapting blog entries about the foibles of others), it's only fair for that person to occasionally point a few at some of their own.  I did this pretty frequently during the course of writing Tales from the "Liberry" and even devoted an entire week to it. Adapted here are a few entries from that week, as well as dumbass things I did beyond it.  Guest stars include Mr. Stanky, Mr. Perfect, my moms-in-law, and, unfortunately, my junk.