Better Call Saul "Wiedersehen" Discussion


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Better Call Saul by Film Schlubs

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On this episode of Film Schlubs, Brian Davids and The Real Viktor-with-a-K break down Better Call Saul’s 409 entitled Wiedersehen (Writer: Genny Hutchison, Director: Vince Gilligan). Please note that this is a spoiler conversation. Recorded on 10/2/18. Contact Film Schlubs Follow on Twitter: Film Schlubs, Brian Davids Sponsorship Inquiries: Support Film Schlubs To ensure more interviews, panel discussions and audio commentaries, please rate/review Film Schlubs in iTunes. To mitigate production expenses, we accept donations via Venmo; our username is BDSKV. There are no fees to send donations while sign-up is easy (if you’re not already a member). From there, we’ll get in touch with you as to how we can thank you for your generosity.