Birthday Favors #553


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On the Regular version of today’s show … A voicemail from a listener pushing back on how we answered a wife in a prior episode. He believes she should have been told to put on her "big girl panties" - and he's right.  A husband has asked for some specific sexual favors for his birthday. His wife isn't usually on board with what he's asked for, yet she's done most of them. Should he speak up about the remaining one yet to be done?  On the Xtended version … We believe in setting a course for the new year, but not with new year's resolutions. We love the idea of using Three Words to act as a compass for your life and relationships.  We unpack the idea behind the three words, share our words, and ask you to join us with your words.  Enjoy the show! Sponsors ... The State Of Our Union: Weekly conversation prompts to have meaningful conversations. The post Birthday Favors #553 appeared first on Sexy Marriage Radio.