BIS [on] Radio Season 01, Ep 8


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BIS on Radio


At BIS, parents and teachers partner to foster a holistic learning experience for the students. In Season 1, Episode 7 of BIS[ON] Radio, we are exhilarated to welcome Mr Arun Chikkamarappa. He is a Bangalore-based Birdwatcher and the founder of Connecting Youngsters to Nature (CYN), a community for nature lovers and a platform to connect youngsters from rural and urban backgrounds to nature, wildlife and global environmental crisis through education and various other nature-related activities and also help them create a positive impact on the society through volunteerism. He is also a Board member of the Cauvery Wildlife conservation team and was titled an "agent of change" for his work on United Nations' global sustainable development goals in 2015.

He was kind enough to grace us with his presence and share his unique experiences.

Listeners! Indeed, this was an exciting year. Like everything else, season 1 has ended on a positive note. We look forward to bringing more enriching experiences with the most prominent personalities.

Stay tuned for season 2.