BONUS: Agent Breakthrough Week - Featuring Travis Moddison - Episode 313


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Agent Rise with Neil Mathweg (formally Onion Juice)


Agent Breakthrough Week continues.  Today, you are in for another treat. Travis Moddison share's his amazing breakthrough story. After many years as a high school band director and music teacher, Travis decided to quit this full-time job, and become a real estate agent. He followed the Agent Rise Steps to an exact T, fought through major adversity, but stayed committed, and did matchmaking daily. In the process, he put together one accepted offer after another—to the point where he has already closed 7 transactions and has another 8 in pending! That’s 15 transactions in only 6 months!! If you missed Monday’s (TJ McGraw) or Tuesday’s (Paige Corbett) Breakthrough stories - you can listen to the replays where ever you listen to the Agent Rise Podcast - or go here Enrollment for Agent Rise Bootcamp LIVE is now open. Go to for all the details, to register, and/or schedule an intro call with me.