Borat 2, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Queen's Gambit & More! | Gabbing About Movies | Episode 21


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YAP - Yet Another Podcast


We have returned from the dead (well, in internet terms we may as well be dead) to try and remember on air how to talk about movies. Cheers for taking the time outta your day to listen, hope you enjoy! Borat 2 - 8:04Bly Manor - 26:32Doctor Sleep gets mentioned because of course it does, it always finds a way - 30:34Saint Maud - 35:59Brief Encounter - 40:39Horror movies with Jonas - 44:45Queen's Gambit - 1:00:01One Piece - 1:05:51Tenet - 1:19:26I'm thinking of ending things - 1:27:26Another Round - 1:37:25Christine - 1:42:43Mary and Max - 1:45:12Bandersnatch - 1:50:32Unknown Solider - 1:54:19The Climb - 1:57:46At the end, we power through everything else we saw and Jonas talks about being on TV and working on a show. Antonio and Jonas have Citizen Kane (1941) for next episode.