Bryan Cutsinger on Monetary Policy and Becoming a Professor


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Loose, Vague, and Indeterminate


Dr. Bryan Cutsinger, who earned his PhD in economics in 2019 from GMU, joins the podcast.  He's a professor at Angelo State University in Texas, and also works with the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech.  We discuss monetary policy: what it is, how it works (and doesn't), and historical examples.  You wouldn't believe what Lyndon Johnson did to the Fed chairman when he was president.  We also discuss some of Dr. Cutsinger's past research on the gold standard and monetary policy in the Confederacy during the Civil War.  If you're interested in becoming a professor in economics, this podcast is also for you.  Dr. Cutsinger discusses his many, many applications and interviews and gives some advice on how to make the transition from student to teacher.