BTE Radio The Podcast: Episode 1 Welcome Back


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Beyond The Edge Radio The Podcast

Religion & Spirituality

After nearly 20 months, the BTE Crew is back with a brand new podcast episode.  We welcome new and returning co-hosts back to the show.  Marie Samuels is back, Sean Forker returns as our color commentator, Shawn and Marianne Donley from the Haunted Spotlight join us as co-hosts and we welcome our newest co-host Jay Bachochin.   In this welcome back episode we talk about what the gang has been up to for the past year and a half and we discuss the hot topic of storming area 51, Bob Lazar, Government coverups and more.   A very laid back fun episode to return with.   We do apologize for the sound quality due to issues with Skype but the content is great!  Please enjoy the show and dont forget to rate, share your feedback and tell a friend.