Building confidence: how to trust your instincts + stop doubting yourself


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Episode 205. When you’re first beginning your tarot journey, there may be times when that old friend doubt starts creeping in. What if I’m wrong? This is common when you begin but I will say this: every tarot person worries about this same thing, even if they’ve been at it a million years. Reading tarot - and trusting your gut for that matter - is risky. Intuition is that sense of knowing something without facts - and we live in a culture that demands facts. So keeping the faith in your instincts or your tarot reading capabilities? That’s not easy. So first, do know you’re not alone if you are having those moments of doubt. It’s natural. We all feel that. But one way to begin developing confidence is to simply start keeping track of your readings and flashes of intuition. This is something I recommend in Tarot: No Questions Asked. Listen in and learn more.