Busting Myths on Abortion


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On this episode of Totally Exposed I got to sit down with Abby Johnson a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, who left the abortion industry after God changed her heart to become an advocate for the pro-life movement.  Abby had worked at Planned Parenthood with the desire to help women in need, but became more disturbed by what she witnessed daily.  In the Fall of 2009 Abby had been asked to assist an abortion where she witnessed the death of a 13 week old baby, and as she saw the baby fight for its life, she realized what abortion actually was and knew that she couldn't be apart of it anymore.  She left Planned Parenthood and has dedicated her life to exposing the abortion industry for what it is and isn't, while helping women choose life.  Abby's story has been featured in the film Unplanned and she has founded And Then There Were None, which is a ministry to help others exit the abortion industry.  During our conversation we discuss the myths surrounding abortion and how she has helped women choose life for their baby with her ministry to give them hope.  So join me and be ready to be moved by a story of how God's redemption has helped changed many women's lives!