CCP20: Live(ish) from the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit


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Much of the content for this episode was recorded live on the expo floor at the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit. Here are the people we spoke to/about: Sabine Roiss, CEO Assistant at Salamantex GmbH -The Easy Way for Crypto Pay Rutger van Bergem, CEO/founder, Catalaxy  Podcoin -,  download it from your App Store and use the code ‘Crypto’ to kick-start your savings with 300 podcoins Davin Broadbent from DustAid -  - sweeping up the crypto dust for a wide range of good causes Yelena Kensborn from Zoegi - with some insights into organic food production and accountability of process Dr Tiffany Brown, Tiffany Brown Designs - bringing blockchain transparency to the fashion industry and a unique collection We hope you enjoy this unusual live-recorded episode, which truly celebrates the sheer diversity and creativity of the blockchain and cryptocurrency startup world. All of these interviews are short, so we would love to hear from you who you'd like to learn more about - who should we invite back for a studio conversation? What would you like to ask them? _______________________________________________________________ And if you like what you hear, we’ll be sharing new episodes every fortnight. So please subscribe via your podcast app of choice. Keep in touch with us on Facebook at Crypto Confidence, and the official BlockSparkspage too. Tweet us with your questions, or email And now you can join our NEW community on Facebook! Be one of the founding members, and join in the conversation. Want to get started buying your first cryptocurrencies? We recommend Local Coin Swap, for your peer-to-peer transactions, and Coinbase to buy centrally – these links help support the show. And remember: nothing in this podcast or our related social media, nor anything else published by BlockSparks OU at any location, is intended as financial, investment or trading advice. Everything we share represents our personal opinions, for your information, education, and entertainment only. You should not make any decisions based on anything we share with you, not without undertaking independent due diligence and consultation with appropriate professional advisors. CryptoConfidence is all about being smart and informed and making the right choices for YOU.