Changing the Lexicon of ADHD [October Awareness Month Celebration]


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Awaken Beauty Podcast


Sometimes the Universe turns off all the lights so we have no choice but to find our own. ~After finding out I unconsciously masked my own ADHD until mid-life, I'm so excited to share my history with functional medicine, hypnotherapy, and energetics to transform this amazing time that we're in to completly REFRAME ADHD, it's roots, and where we go from here. With that said, I'm dropping some words that need to be shifted, because lovely - WORDS and the ENERGY they carry MEANS EVERYTHING. It's short, so let's jump in! Although the research isn't clear, some have concluded that people with ADHD tend to have higher than average overall intelligence (often times lower scores can be attributed to lack of focus on the long-winded IQ tests - an inherent bias against ADHD people in testing itself). In hunter-gatherer tribes, those with commonly associated ADHD genes perform the best (Eisenberg, Campbell, Gray & Sorenson, 2008) . Tap into my previous episode on the HUNTER FARMER THEORY...... because we are natural hunter/gathers forced into the life of farmers. WE are not deficient, we just have a tough time in that disappearing 9-5...... We are misfits, not unfit.Almost every human trait is are unique and here's some reframes on the words we typically use in the neurodiverse community.We do not have processing deficits. We find meaning and beauty in everything, meaning we don't screen out what others would. Because of this we are romantic, open to experiences, and highly creative. We pay attention to what others do not, and therefore make connections others do not. We process DIFFERENTLY, not INCORRECTLY.We are not impulsive. We are experimental. We are passionate. If we are allowed to express ourselves naturally, we are great problem solvers, uniters, movers, and shakers.We are not inattentive. We are attentive to EVERYTHING. This is a sensitivity that, when harnessed, makes us interpersonally adept and aware, tuned into others, makes us great artists, and keeps us connected even when our conscious minds are elsewhere.We are not irresponsible. We are quite expressive. And if we are allowed to express and play, we will get amazing things done. But if we are shamed for being us, we will shut down and not perform. We are not too sensitive. We are compassionate, artistic, romantic, passionate, loving, affected by injustice, and caring.We are not reactive. We are responsive. If we react - there is likely a past memory held within the holographic memory of the body (possibly trauma)......and it is because something negative ACTUALLY happened. Just because others are insensitive doesn't make us wrong. Keep your head up my friends, RSD can be overcome - pause, and all about self-regulation. So tell me, what would you like to add to the new LEXICON?