Chapter 1 | A New Beginning


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What Rises with the Sun


The story is about a young girl named Virginia Singerman. With the tragic death of her family, Virginia Singerman took solitude with her uncle in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. After stumbling into an old room in her uncle's mansion, she uncovers an old diary belonging to a girl from the 1800s named Rose Cohen. Ignoring the warning left with the book, Virginia reads about another world near to her own with men that can turn into beasts, warriors that can sprout wings from their backs, fire that can move like a spirit, and the kidnapping and rescue of Rose Cohen. It is only a short time later that the very things that Virginia begins to read about begin to come to life around her, even in the people that are protecting her, who appear to know more than they reveal.I am now working to make a dramatized audiobook version of the novel. I am in communication with a professional recording studio about finishing this audiobook, I cannot be completed without you.For $75 you can sponsor a chapter of the novel and help bring this audiobook to life. If you sponsor a chapter (or chapters):   1) the chapter(s) will be dedicated to you verbally on the podcast.    2) If you have any links or a social media link that you want to be shared publicly, I will leave a direct link to either of those sites in the show notes of each episode dedicated to you.**    3) Once the podcast is funded, a new Acknowledgements section will be added to the book at the reprint with a list of each chapter's dedication. Hurry! There are only 42 chapters available! Sponsor your chapter(s) now before they run out! Click here to see the project on Kickstarter: learn more, visit you would like to buy the book and read ahead in advance, you can find it in kindle and paperback on Thank you so much for your time and have a blessed day!