Chapter 6 of The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher


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This is the fourth episode of the summary and analysis of The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher. Book 1 in The Cinder Spires series. We review chapter 6, discussing what stuck out to us. We get a whole chapter all from the mighty Rowl’s perspective, this cat has more going on than we could have guessed and we meet Mirl, one of Chieftain Maul’s whiskers and possible love interest? Please Show your support for authors like Jim by picking up this book by clicking the link below: Follow Jim on Twitter - ~ Check out the official Subreddit - ~ Show Your Support - Buy Me a Coffee - ~ Join the RBC Podcast Discord Server - ~ Listen to us on Apple - ~ Listen to us on Spotify - ~ Follow us on Twitter - ֍ ֍ ֍ ֍ ֍ ֍ ֍ RBC Podcast Host: Dan Van Co-Host: Justin Mason – Indie Author and YouTube Creator Justin’s Channel - The Balding Plebs - ~ Tokyo Lightning Volume 1: Chained Lightning - ~ The Trinity of Heroes Book 1 - The above links are associate links for Justin’s books, help support him by picking up these titles! ~ Wattpad profile -