"Choose Ethics, Not Expediency" - Vinita Bali in Spotlight with Sandhya | Episode 70


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Spotlight with Sandhya

Society & Culture

“Profits are important, but it's also important to be driven by morals and ethics”, Vinita Bali says. 

Known for her skills in building brands and leading companies in five continents including Coca-Cola, Cadbury's and Britannia. In this episode of the podcast, she talks to Sandhya Mendonca about why and how to build healthy companies. She emphasises character and work ethics over expediency – traits that make her a sought-after Independent Board member by global companies.

Bali is also deeply involved in efforts to increase nutrition levels in India and in promoting the arts. She also talks about the pervasive gender gap in the corporate world and why men need to actively work to bridge it.

"We need more Dangal Dads", she says.

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