Chris Cristie's Beachwear and Janet Reno's Dance Party


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This week we’ll be discussing fat chris christie, vegan beer, and the correlation between drinking vegan beer and turning into chris christie...soooooooo crack open that beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking! Make sure you never miss another episode of our brand of drinking fun by visiting  Panel Introductions And What We’re Drinking Tonight we’re joined by our usual panel members, we have our California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador and recovering Wine Blogger, Jeff Solomon, our commercial brewer and snake wrangler, John Ruyak, and I’m your host and certified specialist of wine, Jeff Eckles. Wine, Beer, Spirit, or Pop Culture Reference Eckles - Herkules Get Dracaena We have a fun partnership to tell you about this week. Our good friend, and clown car driver, Lori over at Dracaena Wines has offered all our listeners a special deal. If you purchase any wine from them and use code WLD at checkout you will get 5% off your order. Additionally, Dracaena Wines will send WLD a matching 5%. So if you’ve ever thought about becoming a patron, but didn’t want to commit to a monthly payment, here is a great opportunity for you to score some delicious Paso Robles wines and still help us out. Dracaena offers their Cab Franc, both reserve and classic.. So this is really a win, win, win for everyone if you pick yourself up some today. Visit Booze News or Discussion Topic John - I can't can't this vision out of my head. Eckles - Fully Vegan Beer -  Last call That’s right, it's time to break out your phones and give us a hand. Follow us on the socials, Twitter, Instagram and our private group on Facebook known as the Tavern. Search up the show on Apple Podcast and leave us a big fat 5 star review. And, if you enjoyed this episode in particular, share it with a friend And, visit We Like Drinking dot com slash pledge to find out more information about becoming a patron of the show and help  You can also find the show notes for this episode with all the links to the stories or mentions we had at