Christmas: Come As You Are - with Minister Isaac Mundy


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Real Talk For The New Age. - Created and hosted by Rebecca Muir - Episode 17 - Christmas: Come As You Are - with Isaac Mundy, Minister in the United Church of Canada. "The ultimate aspect of Christmas that touches me is this idea of God coming into the world in the presence of Christ as the most vulnerable person that you could be. This baby whose life is threatened by people because they're scared of the power that He might bring. They're people essentially living in poverty. They weren't even able to find a place to stay and they end up giving birth in basically, a shed. That God chooses to come into the world in this most vulnerable of ways just opens up for me the sense of who God is. Because obviously there's the imagery of God being almighty and God being all-knowing and that's one pole of the reality of God, but Christmas reminds us of the absolute vulnerability, and God's choice of having everything but deciding to come into the world with nothing... It is the season where God comes to us as God is, that we in turn can also come to God as we are. That's what to me is so beautiful about Christmas."