Coming to Our Senses


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Coming to Our Senses;Listening to What our Bodies are Saying We all know the five basic senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. These are the necessary building blocks for constructing the framework of how we perceive our world, but they are just the beginning of the story. Our senses are a major part of our non-verbal communication, providing clues and information to us as we explore our day to day routines and interact with others. Our senses often combine to work together, forming complex systems that we use to filter our experiences. It is through the senses that the rest of the world “talks” to us. When we are fully present to this information, we become more connected to our surroundings, to the world, and ultimately to the Divine presence that is within all beings.  During this episode we will explore and rediscover our sensual selves to reconnect to the voices of our senses, and how sensory awareness impacts all areas of our lives: our relationships, spirituality, especially our intuition. We will learn about ways we are limited in accessing our sensory input, and discuss exercises we can take with us to expand and explore deeper sensory experience.About Kali As a Reiki Master Practitioner (Reiki 3), Spiritual Health Coach, teacher of Empowerment and Sacred Sexuality, Kali offer many avenues of outreach such as workshops, personal coaching, energy work, and various other offerings. Kali is the energetic force behind Awakening the Iris, a unique blending of Reiki energy work, Spiritual coaching, sensuality awareness, sexuality education and rites of passage development provides an empowering foundation for transformation, a sacred journey for spiritual healing and growth. She is currently facilitating a Women’s Spirituality Circle at A Path to Integrative Healing in Raymond NH, and is active in several communities in NH and MA.