Commissioning of the 12, Part 2


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October 17, 2021 AM, Matthew 10:.In this message Pastor Matt leads our continued study in the book of Matthew, focused on chapter 10, where we see the kingdom commission of the 12 disciples is not the same as the Great Commission. This will become clear as we carefully read the text. Even so, there are similarities in the missions and surrounding conditions from which we can learn much. Jesus gave his disciples spiritual power akin to what He himself exercised: 1. To cast out demons, 2. To heal all kinds of sickness and disease, and 3. To raise people from the dead. It is hard to imagine how this looked, and how it felt to the disciples. How could they suddenly have the authority to fix people’s illnesses, and call back spirits from the afterlife, and cast out demons? It became part of their spiritual existence. It did not change their physical constitution but it must have “felt” strange. II. Disciples Named, 10:2-4. There were twelve men selected by Jesus for special ministry. They are named elsewhere in Scripture as well.The target audience v. 5-6. They are told to go only to Israel. This is where it becomes clear that the kingdom commission of the 12 disciples is not the same as the Great Commission recorded in Matthew 28:18-20 and parallel passages. There, the disciples are told to go to all nations. Here, they are specifically commanded not to go to all nations! This is important for those who attempt to take from this passage a mandate to heal and cast out demons and so forth. That was for that time and those disciples in that place. It is not the “all nations” Great Commission that simply told the disciples to focus on making disciples, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey the Lord’s instructions. The message, v. 7. They were to preach, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” The kingdom has come near to the nation in the person of their Messiah King, and they must respond with…what? This summary statement does not say, but we know exactly what it is from earlier in Matthew’s gospel. The called-for response is exactly what the Lord and John the Baptist before Him said: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 3:2, 4:17). This was at once a joyful message, because God was offering to establish His kingdom on earth; and it was a convicting message, because the subjects of the kingdom had to deal with their sin which separated them from their King. The authentication, v. 8a. To back up their message, they were commanded to heal the sick, cleanse lepers, raise the dead, and cast out demons. They were to use the power that Jesus gave to them to the full. The message with the main course. The miracles were the proof that the meal was real. The free ministry, v. 8b. They were told to give it everything they could They had received freely, and they were now to distribute it freely. They would take the Lord’s delegated authority and multiply its benefits throughout the nation of Israel. They were not to charge for their “services.” You can imagine someone who could heal others might charge exorbitant fees if they were greedy. Our Scripture reading was found in Ezekiel 14:1-23.