Confessions Of Repression


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Completely Inappropriate Podcast


Warning: This is the Completely Inappropriate Podcast  We will be Inappropriate...we are NOT experts. Frank's drunken stooper lead him to search deep inside him to find his anger issues. Frank shares with us the first one he found. Frank doesn't have beef with religion, he's mad at HOW he was brought up religiously. Should I child have autonomy when it comes to religion? Or do the parents know what's best and force religion on them?  This is an episode worthy of sharing with loved ones, whether you can relate with Frank or not. A child's upbringing is always available for discussion.       Sincerely, The Inappropriate Ones   "Why be P.C. when you can be 'Completely Inappropriate'" -Author Chance Nix of "Kill Kill: Battle of Fallujah" and other great works Logo Art by: @Ariela_Arts on Instagram Email with your inappropriate questions and inappropriate stories at Reach us on twitter @CompletelyInap instagram @Cipodcast facebook @Completely Inappropriate Podcast Search Youtube :Completely Inappropriate Podcast or Bitchute :Completely_Inappropriate_Podcast intro and outro by Anthony G.