Conquering Fear & Complacency When Changing Careers or Starting a Business with Geraldine Hogan


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This was such an amazing conversation with my guest, Teacher turned State of Florida Judge, Geraldine Hogan.  At a time when Covid has caused business to close and companies to reduce staff, many are faced with the challenges of starting new careers and new businesses. Geraldine shares her story of why she changed careers, some of her internal and external obstacles she faced, and how she overcame them to become a Lawyer and ultimately a Judge.  Her story is a testimony to the fact that we all face self doubt, encounter hardship, and external forces outside of our control that make the path to our goals and success harder.   She shares how she overcame her obstacles and details some of those steps she describes in her book "Career Moves for Teachers & Other Professionals; Strategies for a Successful Job Change. Don't let fear or complacency stop you from reaching your new career goals --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast: