Contemporary Beauty through a Female Gaze with Eszter Magyar of @makeupbrutalism and Funmi Fetto.


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Gucci Podcast


Beauty Editor and journalist Funmi Fetto hosts a mini-series of podcasts based on the theme of contemporary beauty through a female gaze. In this episode, Funmi meets Eszter Magyar, makeup artis, creative and founder of the @uglymakeuprevolution and @makeupbrutalism on Instagram. Together, they dive into Eszter’s early memories of beauty, her journey into makeup artistry, and how ultimately, her side project of experimenting with makeup on Instagram has evolved into a conceptual and disruptive phenomenon that challenges society’s narrow beauty ideals. They also discuss how Eszter sees her role in the industry and how creating a sense of freedom through makeup, even if it is just through a single image, can continue to challenge and loosen the constraints society has placed on beauty ideals.