Contrasting Race & Culture, Individualism & Collectivism, Justice & Social Justice with Jacob Brunton and Cody Libolt


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Religion & Spirituality

Special guests Jacob Brunton and Cody Libolt from the website, The New Christian Intellectual join us on the show to discuss individualism vs. collectivism, the difference between race and culture, and more. The New Christian Intellectual Subscribe to the New Christian Intellectual Podcast Watch this episode on YouTube Show Sponsor Learn more about Impact 360 Institute ( and their apologetic videos and resources for students and young adults. Purchase an online course and use the promo code FREEMIND to get $25 off! Visit: ( Freemind Patreon Support Freemind with a monthly donation on our Patreon page ( and gain access to bonus episodes, interviews, and more! Visit ( to join today. Social Media Links Seth and Nirva's Website ( Seth and Nirva on YouTube ( Seth and Nirva on Instagram ( Seth and Nirva on Twitter ( Stephen Robles on Instagram ( Stephen Robles on Twitter ( Apologetics and Philosophy Resources Reasonable Faith ( J.P. Moreland Website ( Ravi Zacharias Ministries ( Stand To Reason ( Impact 360 Institute ( Science & Religion Reasonable Faith ( Discovery Institute ( John Lennox ( Reasons To Believe ( Answers In Genesis ( BioLogos ( Politics and Culture Os Guiness ( Prager U ( Discovery Institute ( Wayne Grudem ( Eric Metaxas ( LGBTQ Joe Dallas ( Christopher Yuan ( Can You Be Gay and Christian? By Dr. Michael Brown ( Outlasting The Gay Revolution By Dr. Michael Brown ( Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill ( Special Guests: Cody Libolt and Jacob Brunton.