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Warning: This is the Completely Inappropriate Podcast  We will be Inappropriate...we are NOT experts.   Frank ruined the logo, again. That could only mean one thing... Frank got a job! We talk about it, eventually. But we get into subjects that lead to the promised topic. Cops are out there playing music out loud when they see they're being recorded, to prevent you from loading up on YouTube. One such video went viral and now the record labels have power in their hands. Now record labels are responsible for video evidence against cops because it is ultimately up to them whether to copyright strike or let it happen. Bill Cosby is released from prison and Anthony isn't too happy about it. He relates this incident with one close to home. Lastly, the most awaited subject... John McAfee didn't kill himself. Frank has a time-line of events leading up to his untimely death and Anthony has his reasons for believing he was just some quack. See the point of view from a hallucinogenics enthusiast and a schizo!      Sincerely, The Inappropriate Ones   "Why be P.C. when you can be 'Completely Inappropriate'" -Author Chance Nix of "Kill Kill: Battle of Fallujah" and other great works Logo Art by: @Ariela_Arts on Instagram Email with your inappropriate questions and inappropriate stories at Reach us on twitter @CompletelyInap instagram @Cipodcast facebook @Completely Inappropriate Podcast Search Youtube :Completely Inappropriate Podcast or Bitchute :Completely_Inappropriate_Podcast intro and outro by Anthony G.