Creative Hacks: Efficiency for Platform


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QWERTY Writing Life Podcast


Creatives talk a lot about platform and branding. We create things, but we do that for others. If we don’t have a public presence, how will those “others” find our work?   Platform and branding takes time, though, so—you guessed it—authors Joy E. Rancatore and Mea Smith are hacking this too! Listen in on a few Creative Hacks to improve efficiency for platform and branding in this final in a five-part series.   If you want to stay in the know and help influence future episodes, subscribe to the monthly QWERTY Writing Life newsletter:   Intro music created and performed by Brent Smith.   Continue this week’s chat via email at qwertywritinglife [at] gmail [dot] com. For more information about us, the show and our writing craft book series, head over to Subscribe in your favorite podcast portal. Or, if you’d rather see our grinning faces, ring the bell on our YouTube channel. Please share our podcast with your friends, too! For more about Mea and her writing, visit Joy and her details can be found at