Da Round Table Podcast Episode 38: "Discretion"


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Da Round Table Podcast


Kobe Bryant's passing not only took the world by surprise, it also broke a lot hearts (5:00). The Grammys2020 had a lot of twists, but the post interviews are causing a discussion about how awards are given (01:02:00), Tyler The Creator comments about Urban categorization (1:19:00), Lil Wayne's surprise album "Funeral" (1:26:00), the Coronavirus craze (1:35:00) and local news discussion of Toledo's Scott HS Class 2020 receiving a massive donation for college and education for the graduates(2:02:00) all this and more in Episode 38 of #DRTP! Check out Google, Itunes, Spotify search "DRTP" for all our new and old releases! Facebook: DaRoundTablePodcast Instagram: DaRoundTable419 BGM: Focused (Prod.BeatsByCon)