Daly Dose 08-04-21 Our exclusive interview with “Lights Out” Shawne Merriman!


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This week on the Daly Dose, we are joined by former NFL All-Pro linebacker Shawne Merriman! We reflect on his childhood, and how it prepared him for a life in contact sports. Shawne also explains his latest endeavor, and how he became involved in the world of MMA fighting!We ask Shawne what other colleges that he considered attending besides the University of Maryland, and what he thinks of the new Name and Likeness opportunities for college athletes!Then, we take a look back at Shawne’s amazing career in the NFL! How was he so able to step in and compete from Day 1? Who were the players he looked up to growing up? What NFL team did he enjoy beating the most? Shawne also discusses what aspect of his game that we would have to change to play in today’s game, and which modern day players he enjoys watching the most. Finally, we let you know where you can go to see Shawne’s Lights out Xtreme Fighting 5 this weekend, which is taking place at The Commerce Casino In Los Angeles, California! Be sure to check out https://www.lightsoutxf.com/