Darsh Kodwani Astrophysicist Episode 16


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Indian Genes


Darsh is our Star guest and an Astrophysicist, based in Oxford UK. He talks to Indian Genes in this episode giving us a clear understanding of the Big Bang and the latest updates in the field of Astrophysics.He does share a lot of interesting insights and thoughts as well on the amazing universal puzzles that make for great and engaging listening. He has been a true achiever and as he says, hard work is the only way to get there and he has put in a lot of that.Listing this episode would be quite an inspirational journey for students that want to get into this field orj ust non experts who are curious enough to know more.Dash holds a PHD from the University of Oxford in this field and has published several Academic papers on the subject.He has worked with Dr Ulrich Kolb on a robotic telescope based in Mallorca, Spain called PIRATE to collect and analyse astronomical data on exoplanets, was part of a project where Zinc-Bismuth and Aluminum-Indium monotectic alloys were developed in graphite crucibles and their phase transitions were analysed. The project resulted in a poster presentation at the Royal institution in London and a peer review paper in the International Journal of Thermophysics, Taught 6 courses ranging from 1st year introduction to physics to final year graduate courses in advanced quantum mechanics and electromagnetism for the University of Toronto.He also works with the University of Oxford, to understand the early universe and exploring novel mathematical/statistical techniques.Darsh has also been a Team leader in a group of 6 advising the Oxford Climate Action Network on how to establish collaboration between civic organisations in Oxford and the University of Oxford.