DD's "This Week in Baseball": Episode 2.9


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Diamond Digest


Jordan Lazowski, Ethan Fisher, Jonathan Roy, and Diego Franco-Carreno are on the mic to talk about another action-packed week of baseball. Foreign substances, Theo Epstein, City Connect Jerseys, and much more are part of an exciting recap! 1) Introduction ~Standings Update, Around the League in 60 Seconds ~ Bob Nightengale Article Link Discussed: https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2021/05/30/theo-epstein-wants-baseball-back-players-hands/5243855001/ 2) 7th Inning Stretch ~ Trevor Bauer/Gerrit Cole, Universal DH, Olympic Baseball, All-Star Game Ballots, and much more! 3) What to Watch For This Week ~ Key NL matchups and a certain ALE SS