De-Stressing and Balancing Your Life


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This week on the podcast we bring on Life Coach Jennifer Jakobsen to talk about one of the most highly demanded topic by moms - how do you bring balance in your life? Whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom, work from home mom - or any mom - we are all doing a lot and taking on a lot. The expectations life throws at us do not reduce and the stress that comes with it keeps increasing. Many of us are constantly juggling multiple things at once and trying to find ways to reduce the stress and bring a better layer of balance in your life. For that reason, we brought on expert Jennifer Jakobsen to share with us some great tips and tools for moms of various walks of life so we can all learn a little from her to bring a bit more balance in our own lives. Jennifer gives great tips for moms in various categories: the working moms, the stay at home moms, the work from home moms, the single moms to name a few. Her tips are easily applicable and can be customized to all of our own lives. Plus she also offers free consultation so you can connect with her directly! Check out Jennifer over at You can also follow her on social media: Make sure you follow us on and check out the website for more!