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Love Uncovered

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Could you date someone who wore socks with sandals? What if your potential mate kept a pet tarantula? Could you love someone who casually tosses around racial slurs? We all have relationship dealbreakers - whether they speak to the very essence of a person or smaller quirks that you simply couldn't live with. In Episode 3 of Love Uncovered, Phil and Robyn discuss some of their dealbreakers, and if dealbreakers can help or hinder a new relationship. We also have the benefit of some of our listeners sharing their own personal dealbreakers. We'd love to hear some of your dealbreakers, or any ideas you might have for future episodes! Reach out to us on Twitter @Love_Uncovered, or to Phil and Robyn @baconhound and @MedusaBeth. And a special thanks to Brittney, Twyla, Avery, Tamara, and Sean for sharing their dealbreakers with us! Remember to subscribe to Love Uncovered on iTunes or Google Play or anywhere else you get your podcasts from. If you like what you hear please leave a kind review because it helps other people find us! Much love Robyn and Phil