death to a democracy


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Common Sense


And the 2020 presidential election continues. The constant inundation of counts, recounts, sweeping of states, flipping no States, it's enough to give you a headache.Both candidates have said that this is the most important election in the history of this country. And I do agree with them on that statement. But not for the reasons that you may think.(Sb surely)Let me preface this by letting you know, that I'm a very open-minded conservative. Basically you could call me middle of the road.During my time in elected office sometimes I sided with the Liberals. Their idea was right, and they used some sort of sense to come up with an opinion. But a lot of the times I voted on the side of conservatives.So with that all said, I don't want you to think that I am all one-sided or the other.So today we are sitting back, and everybody is waiting, with anticipation, with bated breath as we shall say for the next 30 plus days to go by to see who will be the president of the United States.For you see, the API ABC NBC CBS FOX, none of the news media appoint a president folks. (Stupid)This is done through the electoral college process. Which is what we are going through with this point.Though they may have tabulated votes and such, now the legal part of the election goes through, which by the way, happens almost every election, we wait. In December the Electoral College will either elect a president, or if there is some sort of chicanery going on in our electoral system, it will be referred to the Supreme Court and they will appoint the president.Just a little side note on that particular subject matter, that is why the Republicans needed to have a 9th Supreme Court judgeThere was an investigation into the mail-in ballots, and I do mean only the mass mail-in ballots that they sent out through many of the states of the Union, this does not include the requested mail-in ballots, and they found that this situation could be and possibly would be, fraught with election fraud.That was done in early September, and the appointment of Miss Barrett to the Supreme Court was done in October. The nine Supreme Court Justices will be needed for the selection. Otherwise there would be a split 4- 4 vote as to who the president of the United States could be.In the event of a 4-4 split, then the congress would choose our President. We all know how that would go.As you see, our elected officials are not totally stupid as to what the other party is doing. Everybody up there knows how evil and deceitful the other party can be.And one party is doing their best, to not allow one of our most sacred rights to be mocked, and destroyed, and basically considered invalid.For you see my friend, if I was going to destroy a democracy, I would do it in a fashion that was well thought out, and well-planned.My plan would have started four years ago after the election of a president that I didn't like. A president that would not do as I said, but did what the people said. That's if I was so inclinedI would inundate the news media with scandals of corruption and foreign interference into our election process, I would make false claims and hide information to keep bringing the Shadow of Doubt over a duly elected president.I would consume every citizens mind in the nation with the question of did we elect the right man?I would use truthification, that is the act of releasing false information quietly to news media letting the news media report it and then picking it up myself and say the news media is reporting on this so it must be true.I would push the narrative that this inexperienced politician, has no idea how to fix Healthcare, and I would make sure that the fear of not having Health Care is prevalent in everyone's mind.I would then incorporate a pandemic into the situation, once again this man has no idea how to take care of the health of a Nation. And I would push that narrative through every mainstream media outlet Then I would let all of my followers know that this man will destroy the people of this country by pandemic.I do believe it was one of our former presidents mr. Obama who said we should never let a good pandemic go to waste.Maybe he didn't say it, but somebody did.I would then go to my like minded Compadres, leaders of states and cities and counties, thought the same way I did. We Must Destroy This President! I would support organizations that Riot and destroy cities and governments and police and firemen and ambulance drivers, put all of their lives in Jeopardy, because we must get rid of this other guy.Not so much if, but when, he offers help to control these riot, we must tell him we have them under control.As that political sleight-of-hand is going in widespread rioting and protests are going on across the nation and people are hanging around with each other not social distancing but they are getting sick. When they arrived at the hospital because they have the virus, covid-19, they're asked where have you been , they must say I've been to a opponents Rally or I've been here or there but they never say they were rioting.I would allow the exaggerated numbers to be reported, of the widespread pandemic as it goes across the country, and I would push that narrative to my friends in the mainstream media so that they can push the negative narrative, negative negative, negative narrative, constantly negative news.Then while everybody is watching all of the stuff that I put in play, the investigations into a president, impeachment of a president, another investigation into a president, and another investigation into a president, perpetuating that cloud of Gloom hanging over the White House, and then the Widespread Panic because of a virus is loose in our nation and we must quarantine our selves, and businesses are being shut down because of the Widespread Panic, and because our economy is now starting to take a hit because, well let's be realistic nobody's shopping.Nobody's going to restaurants because you can't quote-unquote social distance.(There you go)The tourism in states that depend on tourism, which there is a lot of them, will lose Revenue because nobody can go to a park because of the greatest pandemic of all times is upon us!I would still push that masks work can social distancing work, even if they didn't. Because I must protect the negative narrative I have put forth, which is a sleight-of-hand action so that you're not going to see what I do next.While you are watching all of this play out in the media, social media, Texting it to each other, and emailing this around the world; I go to the court systems in my states of my compadres, that think the same way as I do and I subpoena their courts to allow for massive unsolicited ballots to be mailed out.Then I have these massive unsolicited mail out ballots sent to places that will be easy for my minions to go pick up. These are places like lobbies of apartment buildings, warehouses in the middle of nowhere, office buildings, as well as our party head quarters, anywhere where my people can get to these boxes of blank election ballots.I have these spread out so no one is the wiser, and if I get caught, I start the truthification rumor that this is a false flag, and that there is nothing to see here.I urge my minions to quickly retrieve them to minimize suspicion and bring them undisclosed location and within my cities and districts open these ballots and start to fill them out. Using the premise of a great pandemic which is going to destroy all life in these great United States I would once again subpoena the courts to allow for 7, 8 or even 12 days after election day to receive ballots, and allow them to be counted in the general election. Then we wait for election night.Because these states allow ballots to show up after the election night Talley's are completed, and remember all of these ballots have been accounted for as far as how many ballots were mailed out, so we know there are millions and millions of ballots all over this country, blank, with no names on them, waiting to miraculously appear.Then on election night I see my candidate is losing by hundreds of thousands of votes let's just say 139000 just for some reason, miraculously at 3AM in the morning there will be a knock on the back door of the election office, the door will open and there will be a box of new ballots that need to be counted.Surprisingly, there will be just enough to boost my candidate over the top, but not so many as to cause suspicion.This will happen In every state, as we need hundreds of thousands of ballots to miraculously appear, they shall.They'll be mailed in, they'll be dropped off in boxes by droves, they will be harvested by poll workers, they will be handed to individuals as they walked by to carry them in and drop them in The Ballot Box. The ballots will show up to make sure that my candidate wins.As the totals grow and grow we will hope, that our opposing opponent will just throw his hands in the air and say you win I'm done. I can't take the stress anymore. Hoping he concedes.We hope the American people will throw their arms up in dismay and say no more.Then this I will do my best to make the norm for all future elections. Any president that is not of the party that I choose, be ready for an onslaught of negative media, negative action, impeach, foreign intervention into our election on your behalf, whatever else I can come up with to defame you.Once you have destroyed, the American citizens faith in our electoral process, you have literally destroyed United States democracy. We then will know we have broken the will of the democracy of this country, and we shall rule forever as dictators.As the great Ronald Reagan said, Democracy is just one generation away from being extinct.Making a mockery of our electoral process is step one on how you take over a country, and destroy a governmen