Declaration of Independence: Are You Ready for This?


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Kniep'n It Real: An ecommerce JODcast


You were meant to live free. In today's Kniep'n it real JODcast, Seth walks through the Declaration of Independence as a basis for unraveling the core principles of freedom every human has a right to. What drove these 56 signers of a treasonous document? A love for freedom more than their own lives—not just for themselves but for their own children and grandchildren. Seth Kniep uses this as a basis to call every human to live in courage, not afraid to be real with their spouse, kids, business partners, children, neighbors, friends, and social circles instead of living a life of fear, worshipping the idol of acceptance. You are free to disagree. You are free to hold your religious beliefs. You are free to have your opinion You are free to study the facts for yourself. You are free to say “No. This is wrong." July 4, 1776, 56 men signed an audacious, controversial, treasonous, document that would change the history of the world: The Declaration of Independence. Up to this time, no nation in the history of time had created as true a capitalistic democracy as the tiny 13 states did on this historical moment. The Declaration of Independence is so much more than a political statement that would shape the history of the most powerful and successful nation on planet earth, the United States of America. This document became the foundation for freedom for millions of people. This document reflects core values innate to every human, values we desire but so often forget or even know how to value. Today, I pray that you live a life of freedom, which begins with a very simple question: Will I not let attachments—the fear of losing something or someone—hold me back from saying and doing what I believe?