Deeper Meaning of Shiva and Shakti, plus Desire & the Search for Happiness | Tantra as a Spiritual Path - Part 4


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Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga | Jeff Craft

Religion & Spirituality

(Video Version) Discover the ways that Karma pulls our attention into the world, distracting us from our deeper Spiritual Nature and thus how Karma keeps us search for happiness outside of our own Self. Explore the need to turn our awareness within, so we can directly experience our True Nature and the innate Joy and Bliss which is contained within the True Self. Learn about the deeper meaning of Balancing Shiva and Shakti (Masculine and Feminine), developing awareness of the Witnessing aspect of Consciousness, and the Power of Consciousness. Also discover the deeper meaning of Goddess worship within Tantric context. This is Part 4 of a 6 part video series on Tantra as a Spiritual Path.