Designer Versus Contractor


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Own it Girl


We have Jen the Builder back in studio! Alongside her business partner Allison, they will give you some really important things to know about kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid. Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans talks about some of the things people forget to tell their lender that end up backfiring, we get Brian in studio to fill in for "Chief" - so we'll get to ask him directly about that video promo he thought would be funny in our "Defend the Caveman" segment. "Diva" talks about a fun thing to do with World of Illumination! It's a fun light event in the Valley that the whole family can enjoy - and this year the theme is Arctic Adventure. For more info click here. Danielle also talks about Duet AZ, which pairs up volunteers with homebound adults like elderly and disabled. For more info go to For more information about Jen the Builder call (602) 300-5315, visit their Facebook page, or visit