Digital Trade: One Of The Winners?


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Café Clingendael


The AIG Global Trade Series 2020 examines the ongoing challenges, opportunities and transformations that are reshaping the world’s multilateral trading system. Digital trade and technologies are redefining how and where products are made, shipped and consumed. Digitisation in trade and services was transformative to economies before COVID-19; however, the pandemic has rapidly accelerated this disruption. In this podcast moderator Rem Korteweg of the Clingendael Institute is joined by Marietje Schaake, International Policy Director at the Cyber Policy Center, Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center; and Alan Beattie, Associate Fellow, Global Economy and Finance Programme and Europe Programme, Chatham House; and Senior Trade Writer, Financial Times. Listen as they discuss the technological changes and regulations reshaping the landscape of global trade. In the digital realm, where does value get created and redistributed? With countries considering measures to tax the digital economy, is the digital arena becoming yet another stage on which geopolitical tensions will play out? Or, is there the potential for an alliance of like-minded democracies to come together on issues relating to the digital economy?