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But first, Calvin gives a mixed but enthusiastic review of THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SECOND BORN ROYALS and marvels over Miles Morales' cat from the SPIDER MAN video game. The swedes are not amused by DONALD DUCK and his flagrant disregard for pants. We mark the passing of music Legend Johnny Nash who sang the theme song for THE MIGHTY HURCULES, a Canadian animated classic series. Cal also spends some time ranting about THE BANANA SPLITS and MILLIE BOBBI BROWN (I think it's in our contract at this point... at least once an episode). Calvin reviews the classic 70's SF thriller CAPRICORN ONE. HALLOWEEN CANDY, VALENTINES CHOCOLATE and the various new iterations of STAR TREK. Calvin misses THE AMAZING RACE and, like any rational adults, we discuss the merits of PIZZA POPS and CORN DOGS and other culinary delights that can be had at your local convenience store for a mere pittance! It's great stuff, this week, folks! You gotta listen! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/balloonjuice/message