Discovering Your Human Design, with Kelsey Abbott


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Hello, Alchemists! How do you identify the gifts of your soul, with confidence? This week I had an opportunity to learn about Human Design, with Kelsey Abbott. Kelsey is a transformational coach, healer and light leader. Trained in professional coaching, Human Design, sports and performance psychology, meditation and mindfulness, neuroscience and energy healing, Kelsey helps one being at a time remember who they are, align their soul with their human design, and own and share their unique gifts so we can all rise together. Kelsey’s true purpose is to make a big impact on the world through deep connection with her clients, playing in the light, and instigating joy wherever she goes. Learn more about her work and podcast, Find Your Awesome, at And if you’re ready do go deeper into your personal energetic alchemy, understanding the power of your healing and transformation in new ways, join me and other alchemists in The Alchemy Circle. Learn more at