Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris Season 4 Episode 33


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Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris. This week we talk about a recent commit, who is off the board, and who the Tigers' top prospects are. Also, Sam and Matt talk about why investing in programs typically leads to overall success as a program. And if you haven't listened to our Before the Box Score episode last week, be sure to check it out as Nate interviews a pair of lawyers about NIL. You can follow the members of Today’s show on Twitter @SamTSnelling & @MattJHarris85. Have a question for one of our podcasts? Leave a 5 star review with your question and that show just might answer it in an upcoming episode! Do you like Rock M Radio? Drop us a review and be sure to subscribe to Rock M Radio on your preferred podcasting platform. And be sure to follow @RockMNation on Twitter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices