Do 3D Printed Clubs Really Work? | NPG 84


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Cobra has broken a long dry spell in the putter department with the release of two new lines, including the Cobra King 3D Printed series. Will their new tech break grounds in putter performance? 0:25 - Koepka's eye roll heard round the world 1:31 - Cobra releases two new putter lines, their first putters in over a decade. 4:25 - The Cobra King 3D printed line looks to innovate 9:46 - The Vintage line sticks to the classics 12:36 - But do they stack up in our testing? 14:14 - MAIL BAG! Have any tests ever challenged our preconceptions of a product or brand? Cobra King 3D Printed & Vintage Putters: The Fully 3D Printed Supersport 35: The 3D Metal Jet Printing Revolution: