Does Motivation Play a Role in Sports? Vikings @ Lions Game Breakdown, and What Does the Concept of Entropy Have to do With Sports? (Episode 24)


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The usual threesome is only two strong today as Host Trav was unable to attend the recording of the show. However, have no fear as Dan and Alan explain why Entropy was the root cause of Trav’s absence. The two of them then discuss the results of the $100,000 30 Days of Isolation Bet, whether the firing of the Vikings OC will be good for the team rest of season, a NBA trade that happened, but didn’t really happen, then actually happened and who was hurt by the Eagles upset win over the Rams Sunday night. Next they’ll cover, how it was that the Cowboys were shutout for the first time in 15 years, whether motivation is a big factor in sports and how to measure its effects and if the Utah Jazz are in trouble to make the playoffs this year. Finally, they try to sequester a bet worth making in the Vikings/Lions game and make their week 16 NFL picks. Four3Forty Sports Podcast is a show by fans for fans who want to learn about the world of sports wagering while being thoroughly entertained.   (13:47) This Week in Sports The $100,000, 30 Days of Isolation Prop Bet Results Vikings OC, John DeFilippo Fired. How will the Vikings Perform Rest of Season? The Crazy NBA Trade that Never Was… Eagles Upset Rams on Sunday Night Football Bettors Lose Large Sums of Money on Rams Money Line Bets (40:50) Erroneous Endings NFL misleading final scores Cowboys @ Colts Recap  (48:16) Sports Wagering: Advanced Theory Motivation in Sports Most of us would agree that motivation at a player or team level can be a factor in the outcome of sports matchups. However, can we quantify this motivation? If so how? What factors would we look to measure? (1:04:51) NFL Game Bet Value Finder The guy’s breakdown the week 16 Vikings @ Lions matchup to see if they can find a bet worth making. (1:14:13) Utah Jazz Season Update and Expectations Dan and Alan review where the Jazz currently stand on the season and where they expect them to be at the midway point. Will the Jazz make the playoffs? What would they need to do rest of season to make the playoffs a reality? (1:24:22) NFL Week 16 Game Picks   Referenced Material Websites   Find Us At Website: Twitter: @f3fsports Facebook: Four3Forty Sports Instagram: Four3Forty Sports Don’t forget to subscribe to the show through your podcast player of choice!