Don't Be Late, Show Up For Yourself


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Precious the Foodie


It's so easy to get caught up with the hustle, but it's important to show up for yourself. You are worthy of that time, so don't be late. I have had the wonderful opportunity to interview Samantha Coffin. She was a such a delight and will help provide insight into the value of each of us as individuals and the joy it provides.  Samantha is an enthusiast hiker, dog mom and green smoothie lover on a mission to live a simple life with intention. She is also the founder of The Wellness Rewind, where she partners with people to simplify and rewind their way back to wellness with intentional living, intuitive eating, joyful movement and sustainable goals. You can find Samantha: Website: Instagram:@thewellnessrewind Facebook: Follow the show on Instagram:  Follow Precious Pioneer: --- Send in a voice message: