Doom-Scrolling, Cereal in Bulk and Shoes of NY with Lexi Cross


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Budgeting Redefined


On this episode Dan, Drew, and Jess are joined by Lexi Cross, the cofounder of ShoesOf, a website dedicated to footwear, fashion, and the stories behind the shoes of New York. In the first section of today’s podcast, Dan, Drew, and Jess discuss "doom-scrolling" and social media as it affects the youth of America as well as our spending habits. In the second portion of the episode, they're joined by Lexi Cross to talk about how she founded Shoes Of, her favorite street style moments and the issue of sustainability in the fashion industry. Then Dan, Drew, and Jessica close out the episode with a round of Why’d You Buy That. This week’s purchases include a breakfast essential as well as two forms of fall fun. If you would like to give us your input, have any comments, or questions, email us at Talking Points: Doom-scrolling and social media Dan, Jess, and Drew’s thoughts on The Social Dilemma Purchasing phones for middle school age kids The purpose of apps and what they want of you The responsibility that come with smartphones, social media, and plastic Advertising and being targeted by ads Cancel Culture Lexi Cross of ShoesOf Stories and anecdotes since Lexi started ShoesOf Plastic, sustainability and fast fashion The Desert Island Question Why’d You Buy That? Dan’s serial cereal habits Jess' fall foliage foray Drew’s price-gouged gourds Resources/Links: The Steele Maiden Blog Weekly Budgeting App