Dr. Harry Grammer - From Homeless Urban-Sadhu to a New Earth (#166)


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For 15 years, Harry Grammer has been the head instructor and training for all New Earth programming that is offered to over 1,500 incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth per year in Los Angeles County. Harry has personally worked directly worked with over 15,000 youth since the inception of the organization. In addition to developing and teaching core curriculum, and designing new programs, Harry also trains and manages New Earth staff both in detention centers and at New Earth’s two charter school reentry centers.He has a stellar track record with an 83% success rate in keeping the youth he works with from recidivating and on a path of productivity. Harry is currently a Ph.D. candidate in psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. Learn more at http://newearthlife.org New Music from East Forest! -"Possible" - the latest album  from East Forest - LISTEN ON YOUR FAVORITE STREAMING PLATFORM: Spotify / ApplePre-order the album on vinyl - limited edition - and check out the new Possible clothing: http://eastforest.org *** Support this free podcast by joining the East Forest COUNCIL on Patreon.  Monthly Zoom Council, Podcast exclusives, private Patreon live-stream ceremony, and more.  Check it out and a great way to support the podcast and directly support the work of East Forest! - http://patreon.com/eastforest *****Please rate Ten Laws w/East Forest on iTunes.  It helps us get the guests you want to hear.  ***Catch East Forest LIVE - Pledge your interest in the upcoming East Forest Ceremony Concert events this Spring/Summer 2021.  More info and join us at eastforest.org/tour Join the newsletter and be part of the East Forest Community. Listen to East Forest guided meditations on Spotify & Apple Check out the East Forest x Ram Dass album on (Spotify & Apple) + East Forest's Music For Mushrooms: A Soundtrack For The Psychedelic Practitioner 5hr album (Spotify & Apple). Stay in the East Forest flow:Mothership:  http://eastforest.org/IG:  https://www.instagram.com/eastforest/FB:  https://www.facebook.com/EastForestMusic/TW:  https://twitter.com/eastforestmusicPATREON: http://patreon.com/eastforest