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Penny Kelly series:POdcast 1: We are delighted to speak to Penny Kelly, the owner, of Lily Hill Farm and Learning Center in SW Michigan. Penny teaches a variety of classes and workshops on the topics of intuition, gardening, food and nutrition. She maintains a large consulting practice that includes both spiritual and nutritional consulting. She writes poetry, raises chickens, milks cows, and grows organic vegetables and small fruits, and is the author of 4 books: The Evolving Human, The Elves of Lily Hill Farm, Robes – A Book of Coming Changes, and From The Soil To The Stomach. For some years she has been involved in scientific research and investigations into consciousness at Pinelandia Laboratory near Ann Arbor, MI and has been the subject of some research as well. In this podcast, The Evolving Human, we discuss her first book by the same title, which is about her story and what happens to perception and personal reality following a life changing and spontaneous awakening of consciousness. Penny explains what Kundalini is and what are the signs, and why Kundalini experience is valuable, and I ask her if is there a greater purpose than just a wider consciousness? Penny Kelly, will come back to talk us about the Eleves of Lily Hill farm. For more information please visit their web site ,