Dreams of Nepal: Badlaav Inse Ayega... The Changemakers of the New World | The Billion Dreams Ep.5


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Welcome to the 5th episode of, "The Billion Dreams." Before we introduce you to our guest for today, we would like you to hear in his words the dreams that he has nurtured for himself and his country Nepal.

"Everybody in the world has some part to play for the development of the entire world. We cannot be ignorant and expect for something to change by itself, you have to play a part in it," these are the words of 22-year-old Asheem, a licensed tour guide by passion and a full-time student pursuing computer science and information technology as part of academia, has a powerful vision and is determined to make a difference with his life.

Situated on the picturesque landscape and opening to a breathtaking view of Phewa Lake lies the beautiful city of Pokhara, in central Nepal. Buzzing with visitors from around the world, a young lad guides them. Inspired by his father and his love for mountains he found himself in the field of Travel & Tourism and now he envisions to digitise tourism in the incredible city of Pokhara.

We had the privilege of probing the young mind of Asheem and the interaction that followed, left us awe-inspiring. We hope the passion of this young and energetic Asheem inspires you as well.

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Shower your love to Asheem as we wish him all the best for an amazing future.

Alshukran Bandhu,

Alshukran Zindagi.



0:26 Meet Asheem

1:20 What makes Pokhara amazing

1:56 What inspired Asheem?

2:27 Challenges in Pokhara & his Vision

2:57 What excites youngsters of Pokhara?

3:41 Ashish was inspired hearing this

5:11 Beautiful view of Lake Phewa