Dying Empty Podcast - Episode 6 - How to Work on Your Heart?


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Dying Empty Podcast

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If you dig deep, you'll see that behind every failure, there's something deep, something that we don't pay heed on to. A deep pain, a trauma, an unhealed part of our existence. What if you can look into your heart and deal with it upfront? What would you be able to change then? What would happen to you then? In today's short episode, I shared 3 ideas on how you can work on your heart. It may not seem easy enough, but if you take time and do the exercises given in the workbook (along with listening to the podcast), maybe, just maybe you would find a way out. Listen, share, subscribe and let me know what you think. I'm also sharing my new book with you for free. Go to Amazon and search for "Sayantan Sen", you'll find my new book "Thank You God for Everything" free of charge for the next 5 days. Download, read, and leave a review. Your support means the world to me. With reverence and deepest care for you, Namaste, Sayantan