Dying Empty Podcast - Episode 7 - Who You Are Without The Doing?


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Dying Empty Podcast

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This episode is focused on non-action. In this world of massive action orientation, what if the answer you're searching for lies within the non-action? What if doing, doing, doing become repetitive and unworthy? Who would you be then? Who would you be without doing? Would you have any existence? In this episode, I've investigated the question and try to answer it my way. I also shared 3 ideas that may help you embrace the non-action over action. Listen to this episode and let me know how non-action may impact your life. The sponsor of this podcast is my other book "Take a break, step back, and ask the right questions!" For the next 5 days, you'll get the book for free on Amazon. Download it. Chew it. Absorb it. And if you like, share a review. Your review will help me reach more readers like you. Hope you and your family are safe and sound. Until next time, Namaste. With gratitude, Sayantan