E050 Celebrating 50 Episodes of Transform U with a Surprise Guest and Guest Host


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The Job Lab Podcast


Sports physician, attorney and previous guest Lynn Marie Morski (from episode 40) returns to the Transform U, but this time she’s the Host! That’s because Transform U’s guest for this week is none other than its usual host, Nick Murphy. It’s episode 50—a big number for any podcast—and to celebrate this milestone Nick is opening up a bit more about himself, what drives him, and what he values. In this special episode, Nick takes a stab at the Rapid Fire questions he usually asks his guests, explains how he reckons with the complexities of the people he admires, and relates a very amusing anecdote regarding a certain president. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: (4:47) - Nick plays a more leisurely paced version of Rapid Fire and explains what motivates him to be a good father. (10:19) - His advice for his previous boss and what he thinks differentiates a good boss from a bad boss. (12:27) - Why being a punter in the NFL don’t come with the best job security. (14:28) - How Nick came to terms with the end of his football career and transitioned. (15:37) - Nick’s greatest anxiety and what he values most as a father. (17:25) - Would he give the same advice to his children that he would give his younger self? (18:30) - The kind of people that Nick admires and who provides him with inspiration. (20:40) - Reconciling the less savory aspects of the people we admire in business and politics. (24:19) - Nick’s techniques for shutting out the distracting noise of life. (29:39) - Who in history or current events Nick would like to have a drink with. (31:57) - The only two things Nick would want if he had infinite money. (33:00) - What success means to Nick. (36:59) - A funny story about the celebrity Nick considers to be the most annoying. (43:27) - What Nick has found to be most rewarding about hosting Transform U so far. TWEETABLES: “Just the innocence of little simple things being so significant is just a really cool, heartwarming moment.” “Challenge your conditioned beliefs, challenge your limiting beliefs, challenge what people say is not possible.” “Great leaders lead by creating and inviting people into a narrative where they want to be the best versions of themselves.” “You need to pick the people you listen to, but you also need to pick the people you don’t listen to.” Resources: Website - https://www.nickjmurphy.com Buy Unboxed - https://www.amazon.com/UNBOXED-Unfiltered-Guide-Creating-Career-ebook/dp/B07MBV7VZ5/ Get the Unboxed audiobook for free - https://www.nickjmurphy.com/unboxedbook/audiobook/ Follow Nick Murphy on Social: LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickmurphy Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nick_j_murphy Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/njmstrategy/ Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/nick_j_murphy