E02: How Should Christians Respond to Sin?


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Pulse Podcast

Religion & Spirituality

Welcome to the Pulse Podcast! We are young adults from the Gathering Church in Edmonton, Alberta that simply love talking about God. Join us in our conversations!    Sorry for no video around this time, we are new to this podcast thing and are still doing a lot of trial and error. Bear with us as we continue to make content.   Topic #1: So, when a situation comes up when a friend/family member/loved one sins, how do you approach it? We’ve heard the repetitive statement of “hate the sin, not the sinner.” Many young Christians have this mentality – instead of hating sin for what it is, hating that it causes separation between us and God, they, or we accept the sins of others because “we love them for who they are.   Topic #2: What does rebuke look like then? How can we condone a person’s sin?   In this video: Colton Walang, Jeff Tao, Justin Candelaria   Music by: Hannah Candelaria